pharmaceuticals and our health

Over the weekend I spent a little time watching the good ol' TV. Boy how things have changed. While watching my favorite show ( Golf) it pauses and goes to a commercial break, long ago are the days of fast food and retail store advertisements. Now we are bombarded with PHARMACEUTICAL commercials. Big Pharma has taken over. I counted over 13 different drug commercials, The majority of them were for Blood sugar, A1C and the secondary side effects of poor gut health caused by bad bacteria, fungus or parasites. (Does everyone even know what A1C is a calculation of?)  : "An A1C test is a blood test that reflects your average blood glucose levels over the past 3 months ."  That's right an average of 3 months. If we are feeding ourselves a diet of over processed, high in sugar and fat lacking natural real foods what can we expect? The sides effects for most of these medications are scarier than the actual illness or disease. What we put into our bodies not just in pill form or injectable but by our forks could be what is real cause of good and poor health. The power we have over the foods and nutrients we receive is huge. There are also things that can be blocking us or putting up a barrier and causing us to not get better. These commercials are the "Band-aid"  not the solution. 



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