Digestive & Thyroid Health

                                                          DIGESTIVE HEALTH  

There have been a drastic decline in the quality of food over the past 70 years, resulting in a nation of sick people with gut issues whom may be dependent on pharmaceutical drugs. You body's function is founded on nourishment from the environment. However, our current food conditions make it next to impossible to get all the nutritional components your body requires to heal and/or maintain resiliency. Not only does "food" have insufficient nutritional value, it ma also contain toxins which work against your body and your health. 


                                                          THYROID HEALTH

The thyroid is a small but vitally important endocrine gland located in the base of the neck. It releases a steady stream of hormones that are involved in the regulation of metabolism, as well as endocrine, cardiovascular, neurological, and immune function. Despite the powerful role the thyroid plays in the body, it is quite susceptible to damage from unfamiliar influences such as environmental toxins. This is due in part to the fact that several categories of environmental toxins bear a structural similarity to thyroid hormones. The types of toxins that affect the thyroid are thus primarily substances that mimic thyroid hormone structure, contain halogens, or are heavy metals. These toxins can be divided into four main groups based on their source: industrial chemicals, pesticides and herbicides, toxins in consumer goods, and heavy metals.

After an analysis of your gut and thyroid through our Nutrition Response Testing method, you will get a specifically designed nutrition program, based off the information your body provides. Our program includes dietary suggestions (as well as whole food supplements) to aid your body in healing itself.    



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